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After years of activism, women are no longer expected to stay home raising families, nor to limit their career aspirations to secretary, nurse or teacher. Theoretically, all Canadians are free to study whatever, and however much, they would like. However, while a slight majority of university graduates are female (Hango), some fields remain predominantly female and others overwhelmingly male. The media’s representation of the division is neither accurate nor ethical.

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As the body of scientific knowledge has grown, researchers have been hard at work at harnessing this new knowledge and finding new applications for it.  As a result of these advances, many diseases which were once death sentences can now be treated.  Few research topics have raised more controversy than stem cell research, more specifically, embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cell research is a divisive issue and Christian faith-based religious groups in North America have been some of its fiercest opponents.

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Is killing wrong? Many people’s consciences would tell them that it is. But the question becomes more difficult to answer when the victims are animals, especially when the end goal is something other than food. Some ethical frameworks maintain that killing or harming animals is wrong, whereas others suggest that doing so can be morally acceptable, or even that it is sometimes the more ethically correct course of action.

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The legalization of marijuana is a topic at the centre of great discussion in the media world at the moment as certain states in the United States have legalized pot. I believe without any hesitation that marijuana has to be legalized because it would benefit the greater of good of the american population for several reasons.

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