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Two Canadians, a doctor and a filmmaker, were arrested and held in a prison in Cairo, Egypt. The two men were present in downtown Cairo on their way to Gaza to train emergency room doctors and hope to film a documentary about it while violence between the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces was taking place. As they stopped to ask for directions back to their hotel after curfew at a police station that night, they were accused of being part of the Muslim Brotherhood. These men were had a number of false allegations held against them and were imprisoned.

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The discussion over the issue of technology and children’s role as an ever-growing market is the central idea of the article: Children and internet Use: Overview. This overview identifies key terms of the discussion such as “smart device”, “wireless”, and “multitask”. Such terms are now in common usage among the young generation of Canadians. Relevant historical facts are discussed chronologically beginning from the introduction of home television, then video games, internet, wireless, cell phone and Smartphone.

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         Nowadays, we can clearly notice an increase in the number of abortions and especially for the girls less than eighteen years of age. That is why the article I chose to summarize and analyse is about minor girls getting abortions and whether they can keep that information secret from their parents.

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