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Are men forced to be something they're not ? From the start they've been told to man up, ignore pain and be a "man". They're told that Men don't show emotions, that men are violent, that men are sexual. To be a man, you have to fit everything in the man box.  In our Western Civilization culture, if you don't follow the manbox, you're told that you're weak, sensitive and you risk of being disrespected by others just because you don't fit the criteria of a "man". The man box has hurt more people than it helped. People are pressured to be this "man" just to be socially accepted by others.

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In media nowadays woman are usually portrayed as someone that is pretty, sexy, cute, has an amazing body and sometimes don’t get along with other females. Weak, nagging and emotional, They always need someone’s help. In reality, it’s a way different story and sadly, people don’t see it.

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