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We know that with atmospheric CO2 on the rise, CO2 in the ocean water is as well. This increase in CO2 is acidifying the oceans and causing great harm to many of the organisms that call the ocean their home. Although the oceans are large and difficult to manage there is an act out there that is working to protect and conserve the Coral Reefs.

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It is clear that Ocean Acidification (OA) is a chemical process, but there are also biological impacts associated with this phenomenon. There are marine organisms classified as calcifying organisms. These organisms rely on carbonate to build and maintain their calcium carbonate skeletons. Some of these organisms include corals and plankton. Where the acidity of the water increases the pH decreases and these organisms can’t function properly.

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Many people are familiar with the increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere and the negative effects it has on the land and in the atmosphere but what many people are still unfamiliar with are the effects these increased levels of CO2 have on our oceans. There are some people that think since the ocean is a natural sink for CO2, we should just try and sequester it all there but that is a terrible idea. 

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