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One of the planet’s largest ecosystems is brewing in controversy: is manmade pollution impacting the oceans?  Recent studies have shown that marine degradation is rapidly accelerating with thousands of tons of waste such as sewage, oil, chemicals, and mostly plastic, entering the oceans every day creating trash vortexes. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of all and spans from Japan to the West Coast of the United States.

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In summary, the piece of media which has been selected is regarding the protest against the North Dakota Pipeline in Standing Rock Sioux Nation. Thousands of people have now displayed their support with the first nation community. Protests, marches and rallies have also taken place all over Canada, as a way to display solidarity. Standing Rock Sioux Nation is opposed to the construction of a multi-million dollar project that would transport crude oil from the Bakken oil field, close to the border of Saskatchewan Canada, into the border of Illinois.

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     Oceanic contamination throughout the world is one of the largest issues pertaining to water degradation, and is now a large threat to the Canadian Pacific Coast.  Specifically, introduction of algal blooms to coastal areas can be attributed to being a large portion of the threat to the environment, various species and human life. The article titled “Climate change could foster toxic algae along Pacific coast, says report” encompasses the growing risks related to the Canadian BC pacific coastline as well as its relationship towards the nearby harmful Alaska blooms.

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As a child, boys and girls would always pick on the opposite sex about who was better. Little did we know that it was all based on the numbers of men and women that were in the world. Since 1960, men have outnumbered women in the world. Which means that for every 100 women there are 101.8 men. However, a recent map from the Pew Research Center shows there is an equal amount of men to women. Based on the map, Latvia, Lithuania, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Estonia are several countries that have the largest female population.

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