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A Washington state police officer will not face any charges for the shooting of two unarmed black males resulting in one fatality

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Current the justice department of Canada is in the works of coming up with a plan to decriminalize the use of certain drugs in the county. While on the other hand the federal government is in the midst of an anti-drug campaign stressing the negative health effects marijuana has on users. An article in the National Post by Janice Tibbetts goes into a ew details behind the drug-bill trying to get passed and the and the Federal government still trying to remind people that drugs are still dangerous whether legal or illegal.

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In 1988, abortion was legalized in Canada. Regardless of this fact, it remains one of the most discussed and debated topics as it is still one of the few countries that allow it. Abortion is the termination of a fetus during human pregnancy and may easily seem morally unjust or ethically wrong seeing that many believe that a human life is being severed. Others view abortion as the removal of a fetus in a good light since they believe that a fetus is not alive until birth. For this reason it is not seen as an act of murder. 

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An article published in the Guardian on January 27th, written by Luke Harding and Ester Addley is about the public hearing and the recounting of events leading up to the death of former Russian KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko. Since 2003 Litvinenko had been working as a MI6 (British secret intelligence) informant trying to expose corruption in Moscow. It was in late 2006 when Livinenko as visited by to other former Russian spies who are now being placed there on Putin’s orders to kill Alex Litvinenko.

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The article was written by Avaneesh Pandey for the International Business Times. It is about the imprisonment of an American journalist named Barrett Brown, on the charges of being an accessory to unauthorized access to personalized information, in other words hacking. Brown, who has ties to the hacking and activist group known as Anonymous, had been posting links to a publicly shared file, which is not illegal. However some of these links happen to contain sensitive emails with the owner’s credit card and bank information.

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