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           Adam summarizes the real problem of eating meat, which is the consumption of all the world resources. Producing meat consumes 70% of the water used by humans and uses 30% of the land on earth (The Guardian). Humans are over consuming meat, and it became a problem due to the maximal capacity that earth can afford. This means that the humans are cutting more trees than they grow, producing more greenhouse emissions than nature can absorb it. The problem is real, and it is the duty of humans to solve it.

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         ISIS is now one of, if not the biggest terrorist group in the world right now. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is particularly dangerous with their radical opinions, and the group is known to fight for their religion, Islam. This is causing thousands of people fleeing Syria and Iran, as well as neighbouring countries who has been invaded by the Muslim group. Most of the migrants trying to get to Europe, arrive by the Mediterranean Sea by small wooden boats or rubber dinghies.

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            In Alan Young's article “The goal of legalized cannabis shouldn’t be corporate gold”, published in The Globe and Mail, July 15th 2016, we are offered an insightful perspective on the longstanding question of Cannabis legalization, or rather, how would be best to treat marijuana in a post-legalization Canada. The author begins the article by writing about his own personal experience in the quest to legalize cannabis.

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  The article called “Female Feticide in India” written by Ahmad Nehaluddin obtained from the ProQuest database talks about certain countries aborting babies depending on the baby’s gender. This article takes place in India and it is common that mothers kills their babies because the baby is a female.    For female feticide:

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