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                The article I read is “Dogs use same parts of brain to process speech as humans.” This article is about a research project done on dogs in Budapest. The issue in this text is whether dogs process speech similarly to how humans process speech, or if they don’t. After reading the article I think the conclusion is that they do. 1. Dogs use the left hemisphere of the brain to process words. 2.  Dogs use the right hemisphere of the brain to process intonations. 3. Humans use the left hemisphere of the brain to process words

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A new study has suggested that people who are overweight are less likely to develop dementia, a brain condition that affect’s thinking and memory, versus people with a healthy weight. In fact, overweight people were 30% less likely to develop this illness than individuals who are at a normal weight. However, healthy people were 34% more likely to develop dementia. This study is quite surprising but why is it so? There are no biological findings to support this conclusion, however many tests and findings have found a link between obesity and lower cases of dementia.

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