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The article "Black Model Nykhor Paul Is 'Tired Of Apologizing For [Her] Blackness' posted by Julee Wilson on August 17th 2015 to Huffington Post Canada centers around the idea of racism in the fashion industry. South Sudanese model Nykhor Paul's Instagram post is referenced, where she expresses her annoyance of professional makeup/hair stylists not being prepared to deal with a black girl by not having the right color makeup or never having practiced with dark hair textures.

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            In the news article, “‘No natives please’: Kijiji pulls apartment ad for Prince Albert, Sask. after complaint,” written and published by CBC News on August 25, 2015, it is reported that an ad for a three-bedroom house, which was posted on Kijiji, has recently been removed been removed from the website due to its racially offensive title that stated that aboriginal people could not rent the house. CBC News goes on to explain that the ad itself is a violation of Saskatchewan’s human rights code since it acts as a form of discrimination against a particular group of people.

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“The Meaning of Serena Williams”, an article written by Claudia Rankine that was published on August 25th 2015 in the New York Times, discusses the biased opinions of the media with regards to the ideal image of a winner. The main arguments supporting this central idea involve Serena Williams’ view on the widespread issue of racism and the medias’ interpretation of excellence.  Although the media has attacked her with regards to her appearance on countless occasions, Williams does not accept “racist projections” about her body.

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