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Last Thursday, Robin Camp, a Canadian judge who gained popularity last year when he asked a sexual assault victim why she could not just keep her “knees together”, resigned from Federal Court. It was a rare event in the Canadian justice system and was followed by the release of a report from the Judicial Council which demanded him to be fired.

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The world may seem flawless on hot sunny days spent at the beach, however, whether it’s hard to believe or not, there is an abundance of issues that are occurring in this very moment. One of these serious problems is unemployment. Unemployment is the phenomenon of an individual who is currently out of work. For those who are unemployed, experiencing this crisis may cause them numerous personal problems. Unemployment can also damage a society.

4,237 | 9 | 0   This is a 2010 Calvin Klein advertisement which publicizes jeans. The image contains three men and a woman enclosed in a cage. Two of the men are half naked and wear only the advertised jeans, while the other man is wearing a half-opened shirt. The woman however is almost completely naked, wearing only a sexy bra.

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