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We can all agree that Canada and India are different in many ways such as for their respective history, geographical area, culture, and much more. However, those two seemingly different countries had similar conflicts within the communities living there. In Canada, the French-Canadian nationalist movement brings up the idea that the province of Quebec should be independent from the rest of the country. The reasoning behind it is often due to cultural differences such as the language.

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Looking back in the past of the two countries, both India and Quebec were ruled by the British. This control the British had on the Indians and the citizens of Quebec lead both of these populations to want their leaders out, after they realized that their presence was simply a continuous abuse of their local goods. A sum up of all kinds of overpowered actions made by the British is the origin of the first nationalist movement from both of these countries.

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There are a lot of similarities between India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada, but I think that the biggest similarity we are sharing is how Quebec is so different from Canada and how Pakistan is different from India. At the moment in Quebec we are thinking about separating ourselves like the pakistan did in India because of our difference in cultures, religions and language. We are also sharing similiraties with our background, that India and Pakistan was only one and they all came from the same place, like Quebec is part of the Canada because we were the same colonie before.

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Quebec has always been known for its cultural and religious diversity; housing thousands of men and women from around the world that all have different beliefs and values. Montreal alone is filled with different ethnic and religious communities who all contribute to the development of our city. To say that religion should have no role in society is absurd when living in the 21st century. It affects everyone politically, financially and socially.

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What place should religion have in society?

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  Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?   

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