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                           Mali the former French colony once called French Sudan has become one of the many new areas in which U.N troops are currently operating in. since 2012 conflict in Mali became part of the expanding global war on terror, with Mali’s Northern territories coming under the control of radical Islamist groups such as spinoffs of Al-Qaida and Tuareg rebels. These groups took advantage of the governments inability to secure the borders of Mali after a Coup by the military that successfully overthrew Mali’s democratically elected president Amadou Toumani.

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Is the media ethical during epidemic crises?

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Several months ago, nude celebrity pictures spread across the internet without the consent of their owners. Their publication opened a debate about privacy and civil liberties. In fact, these images could be found on several websites such as Reddit and 4Chan. These social networks permit their users to police themselves and moderators are used to remove flagged content. However, these companies are blamed for their lack of action concerning unlawful publications. Everything having to do with privacy is talked about now, not only the episode of nude celebrity pictures.

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The Morality of Placebo-Controlled Trials (PCTs)

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