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As a final project, I decided to volunteer. Volunteering gives a new sense of community involvement and opening one’s mind. I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others. Unfortunately, volunteering in today’s society is quite difficult to achieve; emails are sent, phone calls made, messages left, and yet no response. For the previous reasons, I decided to take the knowledge I have obtained from living on my own at a young age to try and help others.

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When I tell people I am volunteering to help the environment, one of two reactions occur. Either they fully support me and encourage me or they tell me in despair that they don’t believe my actions will do much good in the grand scheme of things. The weird thing is, no one seems to be opposed to the idea of being environmentally conscious. This semester, I have had two main volunteer projects ongoing. The first was the collection of signatures for a petition that aims to preserve biodiversity. The second was to help the plight of the monarch butterfly which is facing extinction.

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I am currently working with Snap Quebec to try and push the government of Canada to create more protected areas. This work made me wonder what other nations were doing to protect the biodiversity and beauty of the world.

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Our oceans are being filled with plastic trash at an alarming rate. There is much more out there than what can be seen in the ocean’s garbage patches, which is already an insanely large amount. A recent article, entitled “Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year” written by Laura Parker was published on February 13th 2015 in the National Geographic.

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Protected areas and parks are constantly being put at risk, more so than one might think. Developments that infringe upon their territories  endanger flora and fauna, many of whom are already endangered species, in these areas. Recently, I came across and article entitled "Proposed LNG pipelines put dozens of B.C. parks and protected areas at risk, report says" written by Stephen Hui on December 14th 2014 in the Georgie Straight, a long standing weekly Vancouver publication. It was concerned with the issue of defending protected areas from development.

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Severn Cullis-Suzuki made her first international appearance at the age of 12 when she addressed the delegates of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. She went to the conference with the Environmental Children’s Organization that she had started at age 9 (National Speakers Bureau, 2015). Her speech silenced the world for 6 minutes. Severn reminded the delegates that they weren’t just at the conference as politicians but also as parents. She spoke of protecting the Earth for our loved ones.

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            In the article, “Shooting Owls to Save Other Owls”, published by National Geographic News on July 19, 2014, and written by Isabelle Groc who illustrates that whether one believes it is right to kill one species for another is no longer an issue as the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has decided to try a new tactic in order to save what is known as “an icon for environmentalists: the northern spotted owl” (Groc).

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After recently hearing of the alarming increases in bee deaths and the potential link of these deaths to the use of neonic insecticides, I decided that I needed to explore this issue in greater depth. I had heard of recent initiatives in the province of Ontario to restrict the use of these chemicals. I read an article written by David Suzuki and Faisal Moola, published on Tuesday February 17th 2015 in the Toronto Star entitled “Ontario right to restrict bee-killing insecticide” that is summarized hereafter.

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The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society or la Société pour la Nature et les Parcs du Canada (SNAP) is a non-profit environmental organization in Canada. Their goal is to protect Canada's wilderness and to keep at least half of Canada's land and water wild forever.

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This past summer, while sitting in my garden, I couldn’t help but notice something quite peculiar. Where were the butterflies? I remember when I was a little girl there were plenty to be of fluttering friends to be admired. But here I was, and not a butterfly was to be seen, not even my favourite, the iconic monarch. I haven’t been the only one to notice. In fact, monarch populations have shown dramatic drops in the species population over the past few years. I decided to consult a variety of sources to see how this environmental issue was being dealt with worldwide.

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Shale gas exploitation has been an ongoing debate throughout the world by affecting many local populations, the economy and energy security. As many world regions addressed the issue differently, this article will enlighten different aspects regarding shale gas and how it is viewed worldwide. Often, it is an issue of environment versus economic advantages. For example, Quebec took a moratorium approach and didn’t exploit shale gas while Alberta and the rest of Canada exploit or view the resources as economic opportunities.

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According to the website provided by the American Pregnancy Association, 16 438 women become pregnant everyday with more than ¼ of these women experiencing pregnancy loss, while another 5 479 couples begin to realize they are going to endure infertility issues. Quebec was one of the first places in the world to allow fully covered IVF treatments and now with the arrival of Bill 20, these treatments have been limited to certain age groups and the funds have been greatly scaled back.

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Patience, and repeat. Patience, and repeat again. Repeat until the person with Alzheimer`s disease have stopped asking. This is what I have been telling myself, and probably many other caregivers too. The United States of America itself have over “5 million [people that] currently have a degenerative brain condition”. We would think that specialists would have found a cure, but research has shown that the percentage of people being diagnosed “continues to spiral upward”.

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Whether they are playing an organized sport in an amateur league or just playing with friends on an empty field, children everywhere enjoy playing different sports. The memories made and the lessons learned last a lifetime. However, recently a growing problem is interfering with children's desire to play: adult pressure.

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We must eat in order to survive. That is a fact.  Unfortunately the way we feed our self has an impact on the environment.

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2012 was a monumental year for the legalization of marijuana. Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize cannabis on a recreational level, and while there is much debate and many people on either side of the fence whether more states should continue on this path and legalize recreational use of the popular propaganda plant, no matter how you slice it, money is money, and there is always going to be a deficit somewhere that needs to be filled.

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On January 16th 2014, 59 year-old Radil Hebrich was struck by a metro train at the Langelier station. He was inebriated and crossed over the yellow line when an in-coming metro train hit him in the head. For approximately twenty minutes, he lay on the ground bleeding and not breathing, without any help.

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            We have grown accustom to certain things in our lives that may seem odd to others, but we won’t notice them until someone points them out to us.  Maybe we won't even notice how odd it is until we see it in a more exaggerated or public form, such as in the media.  2014 has been an eye opening year when it comes to realizing how normatized we are on certain things, such as sexual harassment or street harassment.  Some may believe that it is not a frequent occurrence.  I can understand how some may not think it happens on a regular basis, because it is not an occurrence that may be

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In “Man accused in Amanda Todd cyberbullying case denies allegations in letter” article published in The Canadian Press on January 28th, 2015 by Tamsynn Burgmann, it explains how Amanda Todd committed suicide after being a victim of cyberbullying in 2012. A man named Coban had been arrested a year ago, but there were no evidences he was implicated in Amanda Todd’s case. However, Canada nonetheless filed charges against him about which he wrote a letter dated January 13th, 2015, to deny the allegations.

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Electronic cigarettes or E-cigs have gained popularity over the past few years. People can be seen vaping all over Montreal; including in restaurants, on buses, in the metro, and public parks. They emerged on the premise that they are a safer alternative to traditional smoking and that they provide a means for people, even life-long smokers, to quit. However, the public has not been quick to shout success. Many people question e-cigarettes, wondering just how safe they truly are.

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An article, published in The Gazette on January 22nd, 2015 by The Telegraph, brought up the issue of animal cruelty.  The title of this article, “Foie Gras Company on Trial for ‘Extreme Cruelty’ to Ducks and Geese: ‘We Are Not Barbarians’”, gives a glimpse of the conflict in this situation. The trial against the company called Ernest Soulard happened because the French animal rights group, L214, posted a video of geese being force-fed on the farms of this French company.

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On an article untitled Puppy mill uncovered on a farm in Quebec’s Eastern Township published on May 24, 2014, CBC News describe one of many situations regarding animal cruelty in Quebec. This source is reliable because CBC News is a renowned media, and, also, because the same information concerning this particular event can be found in many other online journals. This particular case takes place in the farm Les P’tites Pattes Poilues at Bonsecour, a little community located between the cities of Sherbrooke and Granby.

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Charlie Hebdo, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, and our own Canadian parliament were all affected by recent terrorist attacks. These events struck home for many Quebecers, like me, who swiftly turned to the media for explanations. However, these sources we have been consulting are contributing to the rise of something equally troubling; Islamophobia. On Thursday night, the Collectif Québécois Contre l’Islamophobie, a non-profit organization against Islamophobia represented by Adil Charkaoui, held a conference to address these rising issues.

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Disney's new Princess Sofia was supposed to be the first princess to represent Hispanic women. However Disney recently posted that Princess Sofia is to represent "multi-cultural" ethnicity's, presenting controversies with Hispanic and other cultural fans who wish to identify with a Disney Princess.

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