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Due to many unfortunate events in the past few years, there have been countless controversies regarding the legalization of  civilian firearms, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping. Some states such as Iowa have started granting gun permits to visually impaired citizens, even if the said impairment can be considered as legally blind.  This topic sparks a lot of interest in me since I'm shocked at how people can manage to live in a country where almost anyone could have a gun, considering that I've been living in Canada all my life.

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Since the second century, surgeons have saved many human lives by performing tissue transplantations. Nowadays, surgeons are also able to transplant more complex organs, to replace damaged ones. These methods imply that healthy organs from a donor are available when the patient needs them. In his article entitled “Human cloning developments raise hopes for new treatments”, Robin McKie explains that scientists are trying to clone organs in laboratories, for chirurgical transplantations.

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