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Today, many searches have done studies concerning alcohol and claimed that alcohol has a negative impact on someone’s life at long term. In the research paper of this topic, three major aspects affected negatively by alcohol are being discussed. The first one concerns the social comportment of the drinkers. In fact, with time, alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol dependency and occur many social problems. Also, alcohol can become a social crutch for the drinkers because, at long term, they tend to mostly base their confidence and their social life on alcohol.

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Being homosexual did not appear from a virus, it is more like a mutation in our own DNA. Same principle than the colour of our eyes. The body genetic system (known has DNA) is a bunch of instruction that tells every cells what to do. That is why few babies are born with anomalies; DNA is not always perfect. Animals, are very own ancestors happens also to have those DNA mutations, some good of course and some bad.

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Being a parent comes with great responsibilities. For the parents, their first worries usually concern their child. In fact, today, alcohol has taken a lot of place in our society and, yet, it is difficult for parents to prevent their children from trying drugs. However, nowadays, there are some resources for parents that can help them spot evidences indicating that their children might be using drugs.

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  Giving birth is one of the most important aspects of the continuity of the human race. A few centuries ago, it was found common that mothers gave birth at an early age, such as 12 years old. However, today, the pregnancy’s tendency has changed and giving birth at an early age is found to be a disadvantage. I wanted to read about this article because it suggested that the rate of teen pregnancy was increasing in Canada, and it concerns me because of the outcomes it has on the teenagers of my generation.

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  Electronics have taken a lot of place into everyone’s life. Because of this trend, a lot of brands have released games that are mostly played online or on a video console. As a matter of fact, numerous video games of all types have been released on the children’s market in order to reach the largest number of customers. I wanted to read about this article because the title suggested that kids love video games and that this relationship resulted in positive outcomes on the child, against all odds.

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  Before, children were finding some ways to entertain themselves by playing games, going outside, playing with cars or dolls, going at their friend’s house, etc. Nowadays, with the importance of technology, it appears that children can only be entertained by texting, surfing on the net and watching television. What attracted me in the title is that this dependency to electronics actually is getting more valued than education, especially school.

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  Everybody has their own ways to occupy or to amuse themselves. Sadly, some people tend to find joy by intimidating or making laugh of other people in order to increase their own self-confidence. However, this can create severe damages to the victims, such as depression and even suicide. What pushed me to read furthermore about this article is that the title suggests that suicide has becoming a trend for teenagers who suffer from bullying.

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Throughout the United States, spanking has been amongst one of the most controversial issues when it comes to the specific ways of raising a child. There has been numerous shows on what not to do as a parent when raising one or more child in a household, to in all receive order in the family. Lansford, specifically hints upon the reasons as to why one would decides to externally implement spanking in to the parental decisions. Most believe, that spanking is the only way, if not the best way to raise a child and others think the opposite.

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  Every single human on this planet is known to be different. In fact, generally, what most differentiate people from others are their gender, their education, their religion, and especially their race. In some cases, this variance can cause problem to others and discrimination called ‘’racism’’.

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  Food takes an important part in our life. In fact, if one does not know, in order to live, one needs principally some oxygen, nutrition and water. However, some people tend to abuse nutrition, which leads to health problems. As a matter of fact, eating too much is like not eating enough. What made me read this article is that it surprisingly claims that obesity is a good thing.

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  Nowadays, education has become very important in everyone’s life. In fact, most of the students feel pressured either by the medias or their parents… or even by themselves to perform well at school. Therefore, some people fall back on smart-drugs to enhance their learning abilities. However, this method is highly criticised. The reason I first wanted to read this article is that because it could concern my entourage since that school is a place where people are more likely to use this type of drug.

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  We are now found in a generation where age has only become a simple number. Youth nowadays is living in a fast paste where minor people want to be considered as adults and want to taste the pleasure of being one, such as the taste of alcohol. What interested me in the title was that it is obviously true that a 15 years old child should not drink alcohol and that it is not even needed to question it.

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  It has been a long time since the homosexual couples have fought for their rights and for the respect they deserve as individuals. Nowadays, many countries have legalized same-sex marriage and many places in the world have even developed a gay village. However, this path leading to equality does not please everyone. In Russia, for example, the government does not even recognize the same-sex couple parents as legit. What interested me about this title is that it wants to remove from a child the love of his parents.

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A 19-year-old student was allegedly anally raped when she unknowingly had been given a date-rape drug. She then went to the hospital where she was denied treatment due to the fact that she seemed to be intoxicated. That second time, the Washington D.C police were called because “D.C requires hospitals to obtain a statement deeming sexual assault credible before issuing a rape kit.” Even after police were called there was no rape kit. The woman is now suing the hospital she went too, though nothing else has been reported.

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The media plays a huge influence on the self-esteem levels of women and girls. The illusion of perfection often has negative psychological effects.

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  Human beings and other living creatures of the world surely have the right of deciding their path of life. In fact, what pushed me to read furthermore about this article is the fact that one is questioning this fundamental right.

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  It is not the first time that Medias have reported event linked to religious or even racial discriminations. What really made me curious about reading this article is to know that people from different religion such as Muslims are being rejected from soccer leagues because they are wearing religious symbols such as headscarf.

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  Nowadays, electronic devices have taken a lot of places in our lives. In fact, we use them for many purposes such as communicating with friends, sharing personal information, surfing on the Internet, etc. What first got me excited about this article is the fact that, in reality, no one has really a true knowledge concerning “online privacy”. Is online information, by accepting the ‘’Private policy and Terms of Use’’, really in security and classified confidential, even by the government?

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Have you ever imagined a world where you don’t need to remember all the passwords you set on every device and/or websites? Remember all the times you tried different passwords and none of them worked?From now on, we can forget about all this trouble. The company Bionym will launch their first device, the Nymi.  

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  What would you prefer to eat for dinner tonight? A steak or a salad? I admit, the steak looks a lot tastier. But which one is really better… A lot of people wonder why vegetarians prefer vegetables over meat. Well, there are so many reasons why they do and trust me, once you are aware of them; eating tofu doesn’t look that bad anymore!

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  Throughout the years, there had been a lot of debates surrounding all types of inequalities. For instance, in the province of Quebec, it is only in 1944 that women were allowed to vote and, therefore, obtained a juridical status as high as men. However, that does not keep women from suffering injustice. What is more shocking is to know that the level of freedom same-sex couples or simple homosexuals have today can be compared to that of women back in these days where they were told whom to marry.

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Physical and mental health problems are sadly part of the reality that one probably might face one day or another. However, even if there are many ways to help enhancing them, there are much more ways to poison them, and addiction problem is surely one of them. In fact, what first caught my attention about the article was the fact that the title was talking about two major problems that I would not imagine to be linked together. I do believe that mixing alcohol with gambling would worsen the problem.

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In his book “God's Law” published earlier this year, Republican candidate for the Arizona state of representatives Charlie Fuqua calls for the use of the death penalty on rebellious children. In the book, Fuqua acknowledges that parents do undeniably have a love for their children, but means could be implemented in order to allow rebellious children to be put on death row. While this is only a theory, and will most likely never be institutionalized, I do believe that this is an ethical issue worth discussing. I believe that it is immoral that any child was to be killed for any reason.

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