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Katie Rogers wrote for The New-York Times an article entitled “Rihanna Defended Rachel Dolezal, the White Woman Who Claimed to Be Black” which was published on October 6th 2015. The article begins by explaining that Rihanna had given an interview to Vanity Fair on the subject of her relationships and her experience being in a abusive relationship with ex, Chris Brown. However, in the interview, they got to discussing race and Rachel Dolezal. She explains that Dolezal was at the center of media attention this summer for, as she puts it, “appropriating black culture”.

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In the summer of 2015, The New York Times was publishing ‘‘White Supremacists Extand Their Reach Through Websites’’, an article by Michael Wines and Stephanie Saul. The article is about how white supremacists website such as The Daily Stormer and are capable of shaping individual’s ideology and redirect it on particular ethnic group they are targeting. Dylann Roof, an active member on, was recently arrested and charged of several murders.

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  In this advertisement for “The First Fragrance For Men From Tom Ford” is an extremely seductive image of a faceless model lying down and becoming intensely aroused is displayed. Her red lipstick and nails suggest a sexual desire although the white color of the sheet in the background usually symbolizes innocents.

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Too cool for school or too Islamic for school?  

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The article “Racist signs are popping up all over Saguenay, Quebec” by Stephanie Mercier Voyer in VICE news from August 7th, 2014 explains how the small town of Saguenay has grown to be increasingly racist. It explains the presents of racist stickers appearing around Chicoutimi that were given out by the Federation des Quebecois de Souche. The FQS stated that their main reason for doing this was because they believed that the presence of these religious groups it has impacted Quebec’s most valuable institutions. The campaign mentioned the restriction made on halal and kosher foods.

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