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In June 2013, Edward Snowden revealed himself to the public as the source for the disclosure of several thousands of classified documents that reveal secret global surveillance programs, many of which are run by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States government.  Over the following months, a small portion of these documents have been published by several news outlets. As a result, citizens of countries under surveillance were outraged and created various social movements such as Stop Watching Us.

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The media is possibly one of the most influential spheres of culture today, influencing what is relevant to society and what people think, talk and worry about (P. Hopkins 1). Understandably, the media is then a powerful source of information capable of shaping people’s knowledge, beliefs and prejudices. Here lies the industry’s massive responsibility of presenting all subjects with an ethical and objective frame that does not misinform the public. Unfortunately, I believe this task has been poorly executed; especially in the case of biotechnologies, namely, that of cloning.

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Geoffrey Vandeville wrote in his article about the Quebec Federation of Women wanting the government to implement sex-education courses in every grade of every school across the province.  As Vandeville writes in the article, the current government stated that it had the intention of modifying the current program when it comes to sexual education.  

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In the increasingly expanding and evolving industry of video games, many fresh developers and new independent gaming studios seek commercial success and professional attention from lead publishers. Thus, initial critiques on their first released games are extremely important and can often decide whether a new blockbuster franchise is born or whether the newly created game will remain forever largely unknown and overlooked.

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