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Since I did my super post on the euro crisis, I have been wondering why is the economic crisis touching them so hard and for so long, without any great improvement for some countries. Is it because there is a similar currency; is the euro good, or bad for Europe? In this essay I will be arguing why similar currencies are good or bad. For example, would a universal currency reduce the risks of debts and is it achievable?

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I have mainly written on employment this year and also on the Euro crisis. I think most of the news was bad, but there seemed to be some good news for countries like Germany. Because of the financial crisis, thei borrowing costs have drop significantly and so they have to pay less to raise money in markets. The government saved money also because of low interest’s rate with the European Central Bank. The fact is that the difference between borrowing and loaning is inexistent. The money they get doesn’t come from the tax payers.

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For my final project I decided to write the essay. I think doing a volunteer job that is worth takes a lot of preparation and I have much to do with my other course so it would be too much work at the same time. I would like to write my essay on science, political science and economy. They will be related to employment like for example this article:

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I didn't have any idea of a brand new products or services so; I prefer using a service which already exists. I'll open a bar where you’ll find the biggest varieties of Quebecer’s micro breweries. It will be filled by recycled furniture and majority of the stock will be environmentally friendly. This kind of business will help Quebec's economy and will encourage the local beer producers. It'll also offer some specialized products as the BSG beer; it is made gluten free so people with health problem can enjoy freely their drink.

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The economic crisis  As you may know the world has known a huge economic crisis in 2008. Some countries are getting better and better like the United States but some are getting even worse than ever. It first began with Greece but now it is touching all European Union and sooner or later, the entire world again. Europe is making its best so that it will not happen. In this post I will be using two news articles from the National Post, one from Jonathan Ratner and one from Heather Scoffield. My academic journal is from CUI Rui. 

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     It is commonly understood that our planet is running into issues in sustaining our natural resources. Whether it be the effects of global warming or that of developing consumerism, our planets natural biomes have taken a large toll. According to an article posted by the National Wildlife Federation, due to inconsistent fluctuation in climate, diminishing of flowers due to development and global warming, bumblebees have also come to face a big obstacle. Due to their diminishing habitat, many bumblebee species are endangered.

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I just read an article by Matthew O'Mara and Daniel Kaszor on a new game. Bunjie, the corporative who created Halo is working on a new Project. They are working on the next game after the success of the Halo series. This new game, Destiny, is a first shooter which is based on cooperative fighting. The story happens in an apocalyptic world dominated by aliens who invaded the earth.

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In her article from this week, Sarah Boesfield was writing about a student from Lehigh University who is asking 1.3 million to her school because she had a bad grade which she tells: «ruined her career». Megan Thode had to get a B to pass her course but she got a C+. She is accusing her teacher of discrimination because Miss Thode thinks her teacher is against her support for homosexuals.

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It has been a while since I have heard about a shooting, but it seems that we haven’t learnt yet how to prevent it correctly. This article from the National Post shows you why. Joe Arpaio is a Sheriff from the Maricopa County in Connecticut and he proposed to train people how to protect a school from gunman. Some of them will be armed and will patrol around the schools.

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The Montreal Gazette’s article that I was reading was talking about the Champlain Bridge. Apparently, people, the PQ government and the federal conservative will decide on whether or not they put tolls on the bridge.  This bridge is the most used in Canada. They wish to use a system which has become really popular. To reduce traffic and pollution, they would make people pay more in the busy hours.

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In a Montreal Gazette's article, they talk about the new provincial law voted in Quebec against drunk drivers. For now on, people who will get cough driving drunk three times will get their car seized. In the past years, accidents and mortal rates have dropped because of the laws and doing of the government.

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