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Oddly enough as a generic medium build average height and weight commonly dressed male for my era, I can say that am a man and no one can talk that from me. However, what do you believe to be so called a ”man”. Is it being stoic, brave, strong, bulky, sculpted rock hard body, sex appel with a huge bulge in my jeans  all things that portrait the “Man Box”. No,  in my opinion that is not at all. I define the terms of my manhood by my morals and values : loyalty, love, honesty, compassion, family , integrity  are but the steps to becoming a real man.

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Recently a co-worker and I were discussing certain documentaries being aired at a local university, when the topics of controversial subjects come up; one of which was homosexuality. I find it very upsetting that it is considered a controversial subject; what makes them any different than any one else? Do homosexuals not feel? Do they not want the same things others do; love, family, friendships, good jobs, etc? Are they not contributing members of society? Sadly most people don’t see this as being the case.

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Australian native, Alan Leslie Styman was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 2004. For those who aren't aware, narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder, which gives you an "excessive" urge to sleep, at what can be charecterized as "innapropriate" times. In 2010, due to his narcolepsy, Styman crashed his car into a tree, killing his finacee. Just prior to the accident, Styman experienced a "microsleep", which is a brief sleep period. He tried to apply the breaks, but it was too late. If you thought this wasn't already bad enough, Styman had been told by a specialist NOT to drive.

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