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the topic that I will discus is racism that can affect children. Children are young, impressionable and most often are not educated on the topic of race and could possibly use innapropriate words that they are unware that they are offensive. In this article a little girl (white American) was playing on the play ground with a boy (African American) in Maplewood N.J. and she told him he wasn’t allowed to go on a certain ride because of the colour of his skin tone.

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While the wage gap is a widely controversial topic, it does indeed exist. However, what most people do not realize is that this wage gap might be in place for a good reason. The United States percentage as a whole says that on average women get around 80% of the pay that men receive annually. That means if a man is making $100,000 annually, that on average depending on the state, a woman would make around $80,000 doing the exact same job with the exact same qualifications.

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In the new Versace ad promoting their new handbag is conveying many messages. The first message that comes to mind while looking at this picture is that a woman is only going to be interested in a guy if he buys her a Versace handbag which implies that a woman is a “gold digger”. There is one woman in the picture in contrast to 6 guys that seem to all try to get her attention because she is looking away which suggests that women are not even going to be interested by a man if he does not buy here a Versace handbag.

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