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In the news article ‘’ Europe’s Invisible Children’’, written by Sabine Clappaert in the Inter Press Service, brings up an issue about illegal children immigrants in Spain. Originating in majority from Iraq, Hungary, Romania, Afghanistan and Turkey, those children had little choice but to come to Spain hoping for a better lifestyle. Some of the immigrants come along with their families, some fled their homeland alone.

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Torture had always been an effective way to obtain something from someone else. Therefore it had been used throughout history to whether retrieve information, get people to confess or simply as a punishment. People in ancient Rome have gone as far as making it a public event. Fortunately, since then things have change. The turning point of torture happened during the eighteenth century and now there are norms such as the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention.

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Lee Bonneau, a 6 year old kid, was killed on August 21st. The only suspect is another kid under 12 years of age.

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Animal testing is one of the most debatable topics in many areas, including legislation, ethic, science and environmental study. Most of the time when people think about animal testing, they think of animal abuse, and will have the bias of animal testing is morally unacceptable.

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