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I'm a new student at college Champlain who, like most one, try to not fall asleep when I wake up at 6 a.m. for school. :)
I'm a meticulous person who is not afraid of working hard and when I like something I do my best to succeed. I'm good for listen others and I have compassion for them.
I like read, play soccer, piano and with drones (I built a big drones for my final secondary project). I also like solving logical problem and I'm good to find solutions when there is none in appearance.
If I can do whatever of my time I would like to learn programming, learn others languages like Italian, Portuguese and Latin and perfect my piano and sports skills (soccer, archery, horseback riding).


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On October 17th, 2016, the CBC published an article entitled “Montreal's working poor on the rise, study finds,” talking about the fact that as prices are rising, salaries are not and many people are extremely affected by this. In fact, from 2001 to 2012, the working-poor population rose 30%. It is important to understand this isa crisis for the city of Montreal, and that somethings can be done to help those in need.   

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The purpose of this article was to highlight the problem, we as humans have created through our overproduction and land degrading ways. This problem has resulted in a drastic decline in wildlife (especially those who live in lakes/rivers) since 1970 due to the destruction and degradation of their homes as a result of over production and over consumption in of our culture.

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A lot of us have been ignoring this problem for a long time. You’re probably wondering what problem I am writing about. Well, it’s global climate change. By reading this, you will find out what global climate change is and what the consequences are.

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Felix Morin Stephania Dascalescu Laura Henry Migration and Habitat of Birds     What we already know (from the book Just Cool It!) ·         Poorly situated wind farms, especially ones using older turbine technology, do kill birds, but it<s an issue that can be addressed, it’s not the biggest big killer ·         Fossil fuels, especially coal, are by far the largest energy-related bird killers.

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Genetically modified animals are part of science fiction movie, but what happens when it comes real? In May 2016, AquaBounty Technologies, an American company, received the approval for selling genetically modified (GM) salmon in Canada. In fact, these fishes grow twice as fast as normal Atlantic salmon.

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I'm a new student at college Champlain who, like most one, try to not fall asleep when I wake up at 6 a.m. for school. :)

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