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 Freedom of religion is considered by most people to be a fundamental human right. No matter how bizarre or strange we might think someone’s religious belief is, like a lot of people will think about this one, it is still their religious belief and they have the right to freely express it.

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Coral Phillips                 Could you handle being verbally attacked by thousands of people on social media because of the color of your skin? Summary

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In today’s society, advertisement is everywhere. It is almost impossible to avoid it. Advertisement brings so much money to companies that it makes no sense for them to stop using it. Sadly, a lot of advertisement is sexist, racist or even degrading certain minorities. One good example of an advertisement that may lead to controversy is one from Dolce & Gabbana. As we can see, it features a slim, white woman in lingerie and high heels, whom is surrounded by four strong, aggressive and mostly dressed men.

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House for Rent: Not you, you’re Native

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