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The peril of coral reefs      The purpose of healthy coral reef systems is to provide food for marine creatures which inhibit them. For example, various types of reef fish feed upon microorganisms and help maintain the cleanliness of the reef environment. Another reason is to provide shelter for other sea creatures, such as clown fish, moray eels, and octopus. Coral reefs also act as barriers to help protect shorelines in coastal areas from the pounding surf.   

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The trouble with our oceans is that we are polluting them at an alarming rate. From climate change to over fishing, some marine species may simply never recover. Coral reefs, however, have been decimated and in some cases, completely eradicated. Over the last 20-30 years, we’ve known that acidification caused by pollution, acid rain and increasing atmospheric temperatures have changed the pH levels of the world’s oceans.

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I rescind on a blog I recently posted on The Killing of a Hunter. I was wrong in my statement that there are currently no laws to protect the Gray Wolf in the Western United States. I apologize for my misinformation. The fact is, Gray Wolves ARE protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) throughout the United States. And Washington State law does protect Gray Wolves.

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I recently read an article for another class that I just couldn’t believe. It seems that a Norwegian company called SVAICE is trying to market luxury ice. That’s right, I said Luxury Ice. Geir Ludvik Olsen, the company’s founder is targeting up-scale, high-class bars and restaurants in large markets such as Dubai, London and New York.

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SOC-100.01 Intro. To Sociology                                                                                                        Jeffrey Cook Dr. Kaldor’s class   Does Anyone Remember?

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In the article "Climate change warning grows colder" by Stephen Ewart, published on the Calgary Herald on April 8, 2014, the UN Intergovernmental Panel has made a clear warning, in its latest report, that there is little time left to take action, and reduce the use of fossil fuels, before it is too late to reverse the effects of climate change. There are more severe consequences taking over in our world than there is to fix and prevent.

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If it were possible to even begin imagining what it would be like to have cancer, now imagine that your only viable treatment is chemotherapy, which gives you, sometimes crippling, anxiety and severe nausea that often leads to vomiting. Imagine this happens every time you go for treatment, sometimes before you even get to the room. Having cancer is hard enough, so if there was a positive, drug-free way to treat the anxiety and vomiting that comes with cancer treatment, why wouldn’t we want to try it? Music therapy is the answer. It has shown to be significantly effective in individuals undergoing chemotherapy, so why not implement it in more hospitals?

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Help The Homeless - Kaldor SOC-100 Intro. To Sociology

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Everyone knows that homelessness is a problem in urban areas of the United States.  There is often studies done on the rate of homelessness and how they survive but a new study has brought a new side to problems of homeless veterans.  No one has ever really studied the dangers and side effects of living homeless on the psyche of veterans.  The study in this article was carried out through the VA Homeless Operations Management and Evaluation System (HOMES) which is an online program that keeps track of homeless veterans along with the tracking of non-veteran homeless people.   The results sh

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Bullying is a serious problem in this country and many schools are trying to create different ways to prevent the frequency of events. However, it is important to consider the role that home life situations play on a child’s attitude towards others.

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