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In Robert Hogg’s article,” Masculinity and violence: the men who play rugby league,” he points out the fact that violence is seen as a nature of the game of rugby. The amount of violence involved in a game of rugby seems to be accepted by the general audience. Violence is also considered as a normal characteristic of masculinity. As the former New South Wales and Australian halfback Tommy Raudonikis suggests, Rugby league is a hard game played by hard men (Hogg).

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In Kirsten West Savali’s article (The root, June 2 2015), the author argues about the ambiguity that surrounds our social media and the touchy subject or racism. She starts off by quoting Malcom X from one of his speeches where he says that if you believe everything said in the media, you will end up despising the despised and supporting the oppressors. The author uses this example to depict the time when black people did not have the same rights than white people. As for today, she feels that the situation did improve, but that racism is still in people’s minds in a more implicit way.

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              In this article, “Moncton Food Truck Owner Says he Faces             Daily Racism” by Alexandra Abdelwahab, published on August 7th, 2015 on Global News about a man who operates his own food truck in Moncton New Brunswick. In this article she depicts the fact that Michael Uberall (Owner), faces racism because he is born in Germany and displays his countries name on his food truck. It has gone far enough as people calling him a Nazi simply because he was born in Germany; however he has lived in Moncton for a while now.

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In the article entitled, “Depictions of race on TV news can influence perception of police” written by, North Carolina State University, (Science Daily, March 16, 2015), the author goes over the study done on how TV news influences the perception of police. Recent research says that blacks are represented too much as criminals and are represented under the law enforcement in newscasts. The researchers at the university wanted to confirm this study by having their own experiment done. Their experiment was done by the researchers creating 4 groups with different scenarios.

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