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Does Pierre-Karl Péladeau’s promise of placing his Québecor shares in a blind trust influence the media in ethically troubling ways?  

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       Processed and genetically modified foods are being eaten by almost everyone, every day. Almost every food at your local store has been processed or is genetically modified to taste good, to look good and in fact to be sold at a cheaper price. GMOs are done by “extracting DNA from one species and injecting it into another” (Dr.OZ). While processed foods being quite similar are when you add chemicals to raw, natural foods so the process of making the product is faster and therefore able to produce great quantities of the product.

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  Insurance companies, some would say, act unethically all the time. Their industry is by nature, morally questionable. It is very common for them to use any means possible to avoid paying out a claim that a customer has on them. They will drag proceedings out, hire lawyers, go to court, and sometimes cripple their clients financially.                                                                                                                                         

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