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On September 11th, 2001, the Western world declared war on terrorism. Ever since, we hear the phrase “war on terror” nightly on the news, or as a pop up notification on our phones. Why have we devoted so much time and resources to fighting this “war”? Is it because terrorist groups suddenly started murdering hundreds of innocent civilians? Terrorist organizations have been killing civilians for decades, so that cannot be the trigger. Or is it because they decided to attack Americans?

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 In a theoretical terrorist attack in a city, doctors are flooded with patients with varying severity in injuries, and are seriously understaffed, when two 30 year old male patients come in. They were in a car accident. The driver is accused of driving recklessly. The paramedics inform the attending physician that the passenger suffers from primary biliary cirrhosis giving him four years to live. The driver has a wife and three young children, while the passenger has no wife, no siblings and both parents are deceased.

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