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The film Somewhere Between (2011) by Linda Goldstein Knowlton shares the stories of four adopted Chinese girls who have been raised in America with white families.  The girls grow up with plenty of experiences and questions that most American born-and-raised children do not have.  The social interactions portrayed, the culture and the structure of this film help us to understand how difficult it can be to transition to a new culture, and sometimes how difficult it can be to be reintroduced to your natural-born family.

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A summary and analysis of the article, "Beyond Christianity: The Status of Women and Rape Myths" by Renae Franiuk and E. Ashley Shain.

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The New York Daily News published an article discussing how New York City deals with teen parents and their place in society.

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The article, “The Cult of Assad”, published by TIME Magazine provides a detailed analysis of Bashar Assad then, and now. Today, Bashar is in hot water with the United Nations, Specifically the U.S. and President Obama for using chemical weapons on his people just like his father did 30 years ago. To support this connection the TIME article gives readers a look into Bashar’s life leading up to his rule over Syria.

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