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  Comparing the two leading phones on the market, which one comes out with victory? Whether its purchases, application, sufficient and simply better. In this essay I will write about the phones and the value and function of the phone. Why people want the phone and why they are in demand compared to other phones. It will include who as the population has these phones and why. In the end I will introduce the key question again and answer with the following facts that I can provide with the information that I have found.

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The influence of corporations through different medium is bad for the society.   1.     Companies have bad effects on us monetarily ·      They try to make us buy their product and they make us think that we need their product. This has a negative impact because we spend our money unnecessarily. ·      They implant in us the idea that the profit is the priority in life; that we need to have a lot of money and products to be happy.   2.     Corporations have negative impact on a psychological way

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  What’s so bad about the new iPhone update? "The 7 Worst Things about IOS 7." IPhone Atlas. Jason Parker, 19 Sept. 2013. Web. 13 Nov. 2013. The Senior Editor in charge iOS software and has become an expert reviewer of the software that runs on each new Apple device. Very useful advice for the information bellow.                           7 worst things that apple have done in the new update.  Jason Parker, the Senior Editor in charge iOS software says what is bad about the new update.

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Who Can We Trust With Technology? Providers or .Consumer?                                                                               In this article I will be showing you 2 reviews, one from a peer-reviewed professional in the domain and one from a normal everyday article. And talk about who can be trusted and believed when it comes to technology!                                          "IPhone 5S Review." TechRadar. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 Nov. 2013.

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Apple is coming out with the new apple radio in the year of 2014 which is very soon. It is a APP to stream the radio to your phone. While you’re in your car, house, on a run or at the gym the radio can be played by internet whether u have 3G or WIFI.

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After the apple being released with the new fingerprint technologies. People are loving the fact that they don’t have to press 4 numbers and just leave your finger for 2 seconds on the button. But what’s the real reason around this? Is this considered a pro or con towards people who don’t want to get there fingerprints done unless there been to prison. How do we know that the government is slowly planning something to try and know where everyone is? Maybe it’s to help track down criminals due to having their fingerprints.

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With the new rules of the NFL this season on high hits, coaches from around the league are concern that low hits will occur more often and that players are also in danger of career ending injuries with those hits to the legs. Also players do not play like they use to play, in a sense that if a receiver is trying to catch the football and the defensive player can stop him by hitting him in any ways, he can’t because of all the things that goes through his head on whether it’s a legal hit or not. The mentality of players are affected by those rules that are there to protect them.

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Our oceans are all being exposed to chemical garbage every day since the early 1800’s. In addition, oceans are absorbing about a third of humans’ daily emissions. This is an alarming situation. We need to act or our actions will bring our ocean to a level of acidity that would just be impossible to readjust.  

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                The generation of technology always gets better and smaller. The first computer was the size of a room and now can fit in your pocket. One of the leading companies in the computer/phone industries is apple. Once again they came up with another way to surprise there audience with a new device to stimulate the users. Presenting the new apple IPad Air. This piece of technology has 72 times faster than the leading iPad. Its thinner, lighter and only weighing 1 pound. Shipping starts November 1st and also reaches Canada at a price of 500$.

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With the new release of the update for iPhone, everyone has been talking about it. It’s nearly a new phone. One of the main reasons that they are still at the top is because they surprise their clients with new and better ideas. Although it looks similar to the android model of personalization, it still meets the high remarks of most people.  Seven new attachments have been added to the following update. It has a cleaner look, everything is better resolution and has a slick look.

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Blackberry continues   The crash of blackberry continues with more devastating news. It is recently reported that they are selling their real estate in their home town waterloo Ont. Suffering from financial problems due to the other record selling companies such as iPhone and android.  Blackberry also said that they were going to fire 4.5 thousand people due to its crash. As blackberry continues to slowly crash more and more people are buying the latest iPhone and android smart phones. Leading to the fact that they are losing more money every day.  

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The new discovery in the medical community could be as simple as doing physical activity. It seems like with the number of prescriptions per patient on the increase, researchers are going back to basic with an all-natural way of treating diseases.

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The iPhone has done it again, as we all thought that they were going to get taken down by android they released the iPhone 5s and 5c with i0s7. A new way to personalize your iPhone with new applications. But this isn’t all, they have made a new unlocking system. The new way to unlock your phone is with your fingerprints. To avoid your phone to be stolen or hacked or being looked at without you wanting anyone to, they have added that unique special device to only be able to unlock it with your finger.

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What has more protein then beef, I a lot cheaper than beef and has 6 legs, not 4? Well if you’re thinking along the lines of a bug, then you’re on the right track. A group of students from McGill figured out how to make flour using insects. The reason they came up with this idea was to make it easier to cure hunger for a lot of country’s that are not as lucky as ours. The students from McGill U. MBA won the hult prize of one million dollars from this project.

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Comac, a state-owned company in China, has a goal of creating a plane to compete with the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320. They are designing a 174 seat plane called the C919. China is putting in a lot of money to finalize this plane and another smaller aircraft, the ARJ21, which has 90 seats.

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Versace, former known for his accessories and high end products is selling his previous mansion due to bankruptcy of Peter Loftin. The mansion’s starting price at the auction was a whopping 25 million dollars. It was sold to a business that includes the owners of Jordache jeans brand. They out bid 2 people during the auction including billionaire Donald trump and a Florida developer who owns the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club.  

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On a better side of the news, the fifth grand theft auto came out this Tuesday for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This might be the game of the year due to the pre-orders being at 6.1 million on the first day it came out.  The game is sold with tax 67 dollars roughly.  Meaning the first day they sold 408 700 000$ million dollars. The owners of the game Colin Sebastian of Robert W. Baird expect to get 1 billion dollars in the first month of sales.  

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This article explains how students are choosing to download their textbooks either for free or at a reduced price to the printed version.

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For some it’s a horror movie come true, for others in a tragedy then no other would like to experience. As we all go on a fun delightful day to spend time with family and friends at a amusement park, we always go on the rollercoasters for the adrenaline rush.  

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  Well as we all know from the commercials Jurassic park (4) is coming out. They are going to re name is Jurassic world. It will be coming out June 12 2015 in 3D.  

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               Just a few years ago, in order to have access to their favorite music, movies or video games, people would go to record stores, buy the CD they wanted to own, and were able to listen to it over and over again. With the consistent rise of technology, this culture is now gone. In order to get a new CD, all we have to do is go on a website and download it for free.

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                  Funny as it sounds, even the most known and serious people go on their iPad and phones during big events and meetings.  

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                  It used to be a classical burial when It came upon a death. It started with burring the dead. Then other ideas came with cremation. Since 2007 the average cost of burials and cremations have increased by 69% and 51%.  

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