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One thing that I did not know before engaging in this site is that coral reefs all over the world are in danger of going extinct. Climate change is causing bleaching coral reefs, creating a lack of food, and bringing infections and diseases upon the coral reefs. I was aware that climate change was devastating a lot of plant and ocean life, but it never occurred to me that the coral reefs were being affected.

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I believe I am in part my aesthetic. I am easily influenced by outside sources therefore this makes it difficult to be my own aesthetic. On the other hand, I do think that I could be my own aesthetic because I like to dress the way I want without worrying what others will think about me. Though I tend to dress comfortably, I also let my friends and family have an opinion on what I should or shouldn’t be wearing.

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1. Identify 3 television shows to explain how men/dads/husbands have been depicted since the early days of TV (1950-2000) - Father Knows Best  - The Dick Van Dyke Show  - Everybody Loves Raymond    2. What was unique about the Archie character in All In The Family? (NOTE: this show aired from 1971-1979)

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