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The Destruction of Men  

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Get the Hell out of Here: No mixed couples allowed

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In Nathan Robinson's article “Schumer's unfortunate ‘Train wreck’ lesson: Amy's casual racism isn't one of her bad habits to overcome” published on in 2015, the actress and  mostly comedian Amy Schumer is said to defend herself for her racist comments found within the movie she wrote and stars in. Robinson explains how the comedian wanted her characters to be racist but that they never actually cross the line of what is considered wrong. Furthermore, the author explains that although Schumer's intentions may not be bad, the audience is still enjoying and laughing at racist jokes.

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 In Robin Diangelo's article “White America's racial illiteracy: why our national conversation is poisoned from the start they talk about race” published on in 2015, Caucasians are protected from the extremities of racism due to how they are raised and taught. It is recognized by the author that Caucasians' thoughts and feelings about racial topics are molded by their culture. Many Caucasians are misinformed about the topic because the education system provides a very limited selection of opinions and knowledge.

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The article entitled “Miley Cyrus Accuse of Cultural Appropriation for Wearing Dreadlocks At The 2015 MTV VMAs”, (Huffington Post Canada, August 31st 2015), Madelyn Chung explains the danger of cultural appropriation. The specific event the author refers to is the fact that Miley Cyrus had a dreadlocked hairstyle at the MTV VMAs. The young 22 year old artist also had made an inappropriate comment to the famous female rapper Nicky Minaj. She said “If you want to make it about race, there’s a way you could do that.

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