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In the article “Father given unsupervised access to children he molested” published by CBC News on November 28th, 2013 explains that the safety and well-being of children is not always secure even though we might think it is. Many children are abused by the people who should of have given them love and safety, but instead result in pain.

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Since 1993, many different societies have attempted to reintroduce assisted suicide into our consciousness .In June 2012, The Supreme Court of Canada finally agrees to hear an appeal that briefly overturned the ban on assisted suicide( Dyck,1).The Supreme Court has agreed to review the country’s assisted suicide laws more than two decades after it rejected doctor-assisted dying for people who are terminally ill in 1993( Dyck,1).Gloria Taylor, a woman suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease was requesting permission for a doctor to end her life before she became incapacitated (Dyck,2).Taylor won

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The article ‘‘Vancouver’s Insite drug injection clinic will stay open’’, wrote by Rik Jeperson, a CBC’s journalist explains the major reasons that have led the Supreme Court of Canada to keep the clinic open. As you may know, Vancouver is as today the only Province of Canada that allows supervised drug injection by nurses in a specific clinic.

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The article posted on CBB Montreal on June 12, 2013 states that in Quebec’s national assembly, all four parties agree on the bill to allow euthanasia, however doctors are not in favour because they would have to take someone’s life. One of the doctors interviewed, Dr. Marc Beauchamp, states that allowing the bill to pass would be opening a large door in ethics.

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An article posted on BBC news on November 12th 2013 states that Typhoon Haiyan has left many health issues. It is estimated that in the next month 12000 children will be born in the areas being affected. Also, people with diseases that are normally treated for regularly, such as diabetes, need their medication; however the transport routes were destroyed by the typhoon.

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Music is one of the most powerful forms of media depended on by people of all ages, and in my opinion, teenagers in particular. Just a simple melody can evoke such raw emotion and in many cases, help clarify feelings that a person can’t express in their own words. R. MacDonald’s findings of the effect of music on the mind prove that music can actually be used in a medicinal manner. It can have such an intense effect that it can actually calm feelings of anxiety, and increase tolerance to physical, mental or emotional pain.

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In the article Qatar World Cup construction 'will leave 4,000 migrant workers dead' published on

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In an article posted on the Washington post, by Amy Kazmin on May 1st 2013, it states that retailers in the western world have started guaranteeing compensation for those killed or hurt in the Bangladesh factory collapse because rescuers no longer have hope of finding more survivors. The death toll surpassed 400 according to the police and many more are injured.

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Summary: A study was done on the effects of teen pregnancy and how it affects teen mothers. This article is written about 15 year old Sandy and how teen pregnancy with the father of her child out of the picture affected her.

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In an article written by the Canadian Press on October 6th 2013, in the Globe and Mail, it has been stated that numerous past Parti Québécois leaders are against the charter that would ban religious symbols to the public, making protestors feel a little more at ease. Another demonstration against Quebec’s charter of values was held on Sunday in Quebec City and Montreal.

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In a recent article by Kristin Leutwyler (2006) entitled “Dying to be thin” she discusses her own battle with an eating disorder along with information about eating disorders. Kristin had anorexia nervosa as an adolescent and she struggled with it for quite a while, but was eventually able to recover and now lives a normal life. There are three different types of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating. There are very dangerous effects that these disorders can cause which can severely damage your body.

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The purpose of this article was to shame with the anti-gay laws in Russia. The main point that the author used to support his idea was that Russia’s failure to honor the Olympic Charter’s requirement of non-discrimination. The author also used Putin denying discrimination against the LGBT people to support his main idea. What makes the issue chosen a social problem is that it affects a group of people.

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In an article posted on September 5, 2013, in The Globe and Mail, by Reuters, states that a member of the Russian President ruling party brought up the idea of a new law to take away the custody rights concerning children who have gay parents. This law is said to include homosexuality to a list of conditions that end in the parents losing their children, such as drugs and child abuse.

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Over the course of the semester, I have been extremely interested in, and wrote about the issue of health. I feel that health is a problem in our society and is extremely important to be aware of. I have written about many topics under this issue, such as cancer, the effects of caffeine on unborn children, and new medical treatments. There are many reasons to explain why I chose health as my focus, one being because I feel it is important to make people aware of what is going on in the world, what is changing, and what can help them.

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In the past few months I have been studying the public health system in Canada as well as in the United States. When the time comes to choose a person who has impacted the public health system the first answer that comes to mind is the government. This brought me to realize that if other people tried to make a change in people’s lives and motivate them to be healthier, the government would have less sick people to deal with. The only fact of having a healthier population will in itself enhance the quality of the health system in America.

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When people think of Lance Armstrong they think of a person who used drug enhancements to win cycling races. However, he has done so much more; he founded the Livestrong foundation, a foundation dedicated to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and the cancer community. They hold events in order to raise money for cancer but also to make cancer patients feel more secure with themselves.

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                                                       Health is an issue that has been grabbing my attention for a while now; Health problems have always been a problem in society but as the years go by humans are letting obesity become a general health issue.  Obesity is being accepted as a problem that is similar to a disease.  I have found two articles that I were particularly interesting to me, the first article I will be writing

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An article posted on CTV news by Relaxnews on February 20th, 2013 states that a Swedish study has found that longer pregnancies and low birth weights may be caused by the rates of caffeine being consumed. This topic relates to a journal published in June 2010, which follows the academic discipline of psychology. This is a discipline that involves studying the mental functions and behaviors. It aims to understand groups and individuals.

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