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Every month you open that water bill you’ve been dreading and are stunned by the amount you have to pay. What if I told you large corporations and industries are pulling trillions of litres of fresh water from Ontario’s watershed for free. CBC’s John Lancaster and Jennifer Fowler reported in 2015 that most water users including agriculture, municipalities, the sand and gravel industry as well as golf courses are not paying a single dime for water.

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An article in CBC News by Paul Withers discusses a new tidal turbine that has been installed in the Bay of Fundy that is now delivering electricity to 500 homes. Initially, this seems to be great news, because Canada needs to increase its use of renewable energy in order to uphold our part of the Paris Agreement and investing in tidal energy is a good option as three oceans border Canada, providing easy access to a renewable resource. However, this may be more complex than simply installing turbines and letting them generate electricity.

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            It was clear to me after reading the comments on my previous blog post that I needed to further develop points on topics that I briefly talked about in my last post. Two commentors told me that it would be a good idea to read the articles that they posted in their comments so that I could further develop my points about the two issues. The two issues that the commentors want me to further develop my point on are Intersectionality and the mommy track. To do this I will use the articles that they provided for me to look at, as well as, one or two that I found myself.

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Brenden Knapp CMC 243.61 HW WK 10: Podcast Script 11/2/16     Podcast: Managing the Great Lakes   Intro   - The Instrumental for “Bill Nye the Science Guy” show theme song ( 15 Seconds)  

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          This year has seen its fair share of controversy and hate. Gender equality is a topic that keeps coming up and seems to center on women most of the time. More specifically, society tends to see women as generally weaker and more fragile than men. Women are even discriminated in the work place. A woman, who works at the same place and does the same job as a man, will be payed less than the man despite the fact that both of them have the same job. Women are also seen as easy targets for sexual harassment in the work place.

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It has been a growing concern on many Canadians’ minds that the day will arrive when other countries come to Canada to demand use of our plentiful fresh water. While this may seem overly dramatic, there is the possibility that it has already begun with the recent approval of a Wisconsin city to draw its drinking water from Lake Michigan.

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Would the human race die out if bees went extinct? No, probably not. Would human life be any different if bees went extinct? Yes, definitely.

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