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After reading this article on the Montreal Gazette tonight, I decided to re-write my news summary because I thought this one was more of a feel-good topic. The article, written by June Thompson, features a local group called the Morning Walkers have been together for 20 years on Friday. The members are all between 55 and 85 years of age and joined the group to take up a healthier lifestyle.

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          There has been a new invention recently in the USA. Some researchers from the Virginia Technology College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have created a new kind of battery: a sugar battery. The sugar-powered battery could replace the traditional lithium-ion batteries that have been used for decades. The scientists who created it claim that this new technology can store 10 times more energy than traditional equivalent size batteries found in smartphones. Moreover, the sugar batteries are cheaper, refillable and environment friendly, as they are biodegradable.

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Nuclear energy is a very delicate topic in our society because of its controversial aspect. For every pro you can find, there will always be a con. Personally, I find that positive aspects of nuclear power outweigh the negative aspects. I will prove my thesis by treating the environmental, economic and health issues surrounding the nuclear energy.

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