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Gianni Delli Colli  Marco Polce  Samuel Leger Danyyil Bun   Green Cars With the new innovations being brought upon eco-friendly cars, we question which is better, electric or gasoline? The quick answer everyone falls back to is that electric cars are more expensive, or that they do not cover long distances as well as gas operated engines. The real answer however, is no and no.

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By: Charles Martel, Sofiya Taver and Anthony Patulli The issue chosen is e-waste pollution, the environmental damages caused by electronic debris. About 20 to 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year throught the world with a significant portion of it being exported to UK shores and China to be recuperated and transformed. This crude and long process leaves time for persistent and harmful pollutants to be released continuously from the these large heaps of heavy metals, leaving many areas unbreathable. 

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The article “India’s coming urban mega crisis” by R. Srinivasan, discusses the urban challenges due the rapid arrival of large amounts of people from rural areas to cities. The goal of the article is to direct attention to this urban expansion that the country is not prepared for. The author's arguments are supported by numerous polls and statistics illustrating the recent growth of the population and of the number of cities. On the whole, the article explains how many citizens come to search for economic opportunities and better conditions in urban areas.

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Air pollution is one of the main problems of the modern world. The article “Revealed: every Londoner breathing dangerous levels of toxic air particle” by Matthew Taylor points out that every area in London has an exceed limit of one of the most toxic pollution particles in the air (PM2.5). This condition has short and long-term negative effects on the health of the residents. The government is encouraging to set up some plans to regulate and reduce the pollution as soon as possible.

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The article “Violent Crime Is on the Rise in U.S. Cities” by David Johnson from TIME tackles the striking increase in violent crime in many of the United States’ most populated areas in 2016. Despite being far from the kind of violence that was present in 90’s, for a second year in a row last year, data collected from 61 metropolitan police agencies showed significant jumps in homicide, robbery and aggravated assault. Throughout the article, many factors are mentioned, such as gang violence, gun ownership, violence linked to drugs and even conflicts that start on social media.

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