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Since a few decades, people have followed the vegetarianism movement. Many of us are now wondering why do people try vegetarianism and what benefits does it have for our planet and us. Some people do believe in animal rights and cruelty but many are also concerned about the environmental degradation of our fascinating planet that’s called ‘the earth’. While I did some research on the subject, this ethical question often distinguished itself: Should we banish the meat industry in order to save the planet?

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On August 24 2016, an earthquake killed 295 people and injured almost 400 in the city of Amatrice, in Italy. On the morning after, Charlie Hebdo, a newspaper recognized for its controversial humor about events of actuality, published a cartoon depicting the victims of the earthquake as different types of pasta, showing a bleeding man labelled ‘’Penne with tomato sauce’’, another one, severely bruised or burned, labelled ‘’Penne au gratin’’ and a pile of victims under a collapsed building, their legs and blood coming out of the rubbles, labelled as ‘’Lasagna’’.  

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In the National Post article "Pundit War: Should Journalists Be Forced to Divulge Information about Their Sources?” four members of the Post’s staff debate about a recently brought up ethical issue concerning a reporters refusal to divulge information pertinent to a police investigation related to national security. The reporter was court ordered to release transcripts of an instant messaging conversation between him and a suspected terrorist but refused to cooperate based on his “right” to protect his source due to the “freedom of the press”.

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                When health care is provided, its operators are supposed to maintain an unbiased frame of mind when administering services. However, that is not the case, as noted in Megan-Jane Johnstone and Olga Kanitsaki’s article “The Neglect of Racism as an Ethical Issue in Health Care”. In it, they explain that “... people from minority cultural and language backgrounds experience both individual and institutional forms of racism in health care” (Johnstone and Kanitsaki 490).

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