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Growing up in a community where the majority of the people are a certain race—one not of your own—can be very difficult. In some scenarios, being a different race from the community isn't really something pointed out, however in others, people sometimes make it known that your background is not the same as theirs. In the documentary Somewhere Between (Goldstein Knowlton, 2011), a film about four different girls and how their lives have been after being adopted in the U.S. because of China’s “One Child Policy”, being identified solely by your race in a neighborhood is pretty common. The documentary highlights many of the ways that race was the first, if not the only, thing some people saw when looking at an Asian girl in a White community.

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In the film Even the Rain directed by Icíar Bollaín in 2010, a few social interactions caught my attention. One of these being when the Bolivian Police put the padlocks on the water well that a few villagers from Cochabamba had just dug for their families.

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Antonia Biggs & colleagues (2013) constructed and analyzed the results of a study determining reasons why women have abortions. During this study they interviewed  954 women from all over the United States. These women were placed in an exam room for 40 minutes and asked one question, for what reason did they decide to have an abortion? Many women found it hard to identify one solid reason for making the choice that they did. They often provided multiple reasons. When analyzing the data gathered they found there was a wide range of answers given.

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An important social issue is approached in the Article of BBC News about women security. In India, rapes were current and brought huge protest during recent months. Surya Velamuri, Else Disilva, Saloni Malhotra and Aditya are four professionals who created the website providing a "crowd-sourced" map of sexual harassment, demonstrating safe and unsafe across Indian cities. This website is an interactive map allowing participation of women in the entire world of the most unsafe places across Indian cities.

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  Maternal Employment: The Different Attitudes on Child Social Development

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  Finland Cyber Bullying

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In an article from the New York Times published on the 24th of september, Jeffrey D. Sachs is discusing a social issue in Africa.

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On September 9th 2013, a young 12 year old Floridian girl committed suicide after being a victim of cyberbullying for more than a year. She is one of the youngest in a ever-growing list of children and teenagers who have taken their lives because they were being threatened or taunted online, either by Facebook or other cellphone applications that allow message sending and commenting. I chose this topic because it is extremely relevant to our modern society.

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In an article from BBC news, the author explains that in Sweden, the immigrants are making riots in the suburbs because of the difficulty for the immigrants in Sweden to find a job and getting integrated. In fact, places such as libraries, schools, banks and police stations have been attacked.  The immigrants claim that there are inequalities in Sweden because of the difficulty to find employment which results in a bigger gap between the rich and the poor.

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