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The article talks about the recent ‘’state of emergency’’ raised in the city of Baltimore, in the United States of America. There were important protests and violence in a town shocked by the recent events. Many acts of vandalism were committed throughout the last days. A curfew has been created by the authorities in order to control the situation and limit the recent violence and protests. Protesters threw bricks and burned down some buildings. The situation is still not under control and protests are expected fir the following days.

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Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by advertisement. In fact, research show that the average American is exposed to about 3,000 ads every day (Media Relations, Inc. 1). Nowadays, a great amount of those ads are related to fitness and weight loss. Everyone has heard or seen an ad claiming that a certain product will make you lose 10 pounds in a week or make your muscles grow without you having to exercise.

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In ″Decline in smoking rates could increase deaths from lung cancer″, an article from CNN wrote by Sandee LaMotte on February 24, 2015, a study made by the Mayo Clinic and grants from the National Institutes of Health and the National Institute on Aging in the US and published in the February 24, 2015 issue of JAMA is terrifying. It is important to note that lung cancer screening is recommended to people age 55 to 80 who smoked one pack a day for 30 years and people who are currently smoking or people who had stop smoking for more than 15 years.

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To this day, the Death penalty is still permitted in more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, China, Japan and many others very influential countries. In 2015, in the United States, 7 inmates have been scheduled to die by the hands of the State after having being found guilty of killing at least one victim. However, it usually takes the State a long time before applying the punishment. Those prisoners who get sentenced to death usually wait years before they actually receive their sentence, some of them up to 30 years.

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