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The advances in technology have made possible impressive things during the last century. The article "Making Babies after Death: It’s Possible, but Is It Ethical?" by Bahar Gholipour testifies of the well-known technology that allows doctors to sample sperm from a death man. That action is called postmortem sperm retrieval (PMR). The sperm of the dead can then be used to fertilize a woman’s egg. I found interest in that article because I have always wanted at least three kids. Raising my family will be one of the most important project of my life.

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On September 9th 2013, a young 12 year old Floridian girl committed suicide after being a victim of cyberbullying for more than a year. She is one of the youngest in a ever-growing list of children and teenagers who have taken their lives because they were being threatened or taunted online, either by Facebook or other cellphone applications that allow message sending and commenting. I chose this topic because it is extremely relevant to our modern society.

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This article demonstrates that the media has  convinced some people from believing that beauty stands upon appearances. This subject is an important issue because it implies that not only teenagers, but adults might be facing this media standard of beauty.  An ethical issue is raised, should beauty be based on appearances?

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Six years ago in the state of California, after many ethical questions were being raised by conservative groups, it had become illegal for women to sell their eggs to further medical research. Recently, there has been discussion about passing a law that would lift the ban and consequently legalize the sale of human eggs. However, this August, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed this law.

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