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Nationalism is made up of many values for the people living in a society.  In history, we can see famous identities who based themselves on nationalism for example, Adolf Hitler the Nazi leader in Germany who was an extremist nationalist.  Nationalism is characterized by people of “communities [who] share a special cultural proximity to each other.  By speaking the same language and sharing customs and traditions, the members of these communities are typically closer to one another in various ways than they are those who don’t share the culture” (Miscevic).  We can see strong nationalism in

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Although Canada and India are worlds apart, these countries do share some similarities. Both Canada and India have been British colonies; indeed, these countries have been colonized by England for economic purpose, meaning that British first came as traders. English settlers took control of the fur trade in Canada and the cotton trade in India. In other words, both countries supplied goods to the benefit of British. In both cases, British bought goods from natives for cheaper prices and sold them at higher prices, which contributed to British’s economy.

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Having many religions in society brings disadvantages because some don't share the same values and beliefs which could lead to conflicts. There's a lot of judgement and conflicts created because of those different values and beliefs. There is even some extremists in some religions that come to a point of committing disastrous acts. Those are mostly conflicts between the religions. Education and other important aspects in life are affected by many religions. Should we teach religions? Which ones? Should the ostentatious signs be aloud at school, in sports?

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In my opinion, religion in today’s society should remain a private matter and should not be integrated into politic and/or business management. Indeed, if we take a look at the past few years, Quebec struggled with religious issues because religious authorities affected the political decision making process and as a result, certain decisions that were intended to ensure the well-being of society were religiously driven. In other words, mixing politic and religion led to the creation of complex problems and the cost of human rights.

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