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Advertisement is a form of communication that allows a company to reach a target market in order to increase their revenue. Companies have included very artistic approaches in order to catch the attention of viewers to gain popularity and some have also included endorsements from celebrities in order to be more appealing to their target audience. However, advertisements cannot be as effective as companies want them to be if the message or the way in which the ad is presented become immoral.

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In the hope of a better life, thousands of people leave their country every day. The migrant crisis is a worldwide problem that keeps growing. In this climate of fear and incertitude, people-smuggling, which is defined as “the illegal business of transporting people to a country which they are not authorized to enter as immigrants”, is flourishing. As it can be seen in many countries, such as Mexico and Europe, the business of people-smuggling is growing, creating a new problematic for governments.

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How would you feel if you knew one of your younger siblings was being forced into hard labour instead of having a normal childhood? How about not being able to see your parents often enough because they are subjected to intense workload in their factory in order to be able to feed you? It may not be a first world problem but it is obvious that these scenarios are terrible because we all know we would not want to experience such things. So why should workers suffer in factories to produce the goods we buy?

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Papi Edwards; a young 20-year-old was shot in a parking lot after disclosing her gender identity to a man she was meeting for the first time at the Fern Valley Hotel. Another story that was covered by CBS said that Zella Ziona was flirting with her 20-year-old boyfriend who then later shot her to death in an alley back in October and according to the reports it was because he was embarrassed that Ziona showed up while his friends were present.

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PETA is a not for profit organization that supports the ethical treatment of animals; they have created several ads that provoke controversy. The ads are sexist because they include inappropriate portrayal of women. The ad that stood out the most to me has Pamela Anderson in a bikini while her body parts are labeled. This is a problem because this objectifies women and sexualizes parts of the female body.

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       As of the 2015 municipal elections in Saudi Arabia, women have officially been given the right to vote and run for office (Batrawy). This country has been progressively growing out of its male-dominant mindset in this modern age, allowing for the “gender apartheid” to slowly degenerate (Manea). However, because the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia goes by the Qur’an as a model for their laws, strict gender expectations still apply nonetheless.

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The trap of reaching the “perfect body shape”, why is it wrong?   I read and article posted the 14 October 2014  in The Guardian about body image, the article was written by Laura Bates and I really liked her point of view on the issue. She talked about body image, body confidence, the ideals society spread on us and how this things create anxiety, personal issues and unattainable physic figures and she also talked about some ways to fix this. So know, lets talk about body image.   

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