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The article “Aboriginal Input On Pipeline Is Key To Better Relations: Study” refers to the importance of the engagement of Canada’s indigenous people in conjunction with critical resource project assessments such as the high-profile conflict of the pipeline.  There has been a lot of debate regarding the pipeline project in Alberta and the true voices and opinions of the First Nations have not been heard regarding their land.

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    Most people are very familiar with vaccinations; whether they have children that were vaccinated at birth, they remember themselves vaccinated or someone they know being vaccinated. It is a typical that the majority of people have received vaccines because, this is what we have been taught to be the best practice. There have been many requirements throughout the world, requiring students to be vaccinated to attend school.

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Imagine being responsible for the extinction of the world’s largest bear species. A bear species that has adapted to surviving in the harshest environmental conditions, yet is threatened by the activities of humans. This article tells us that within the coming years, the human contribution to climate change and the effects of this environmental phenomenon may ultimately make this tragedy a reality for the polar bear.

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