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For decades our society has been constantly urbanizing, turning untouched land into skyscrapers and sub-divisions.  We are constantly attached to technology and glued to what’s going to happen next on social media. What if everyone took a step back and remembered what used to make most of us so happy when we were younger? Playing outside!! After researching the effects of how being outside affects mental and physical health; it’s evident that going outdoors has many positive benefits

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While the wage gap is a widely controversial topic, it does indeed exist. However, what most people do not realize is that this wage gap might be in place for a good reason. The United States percentage as a whole says that on average women get around 80% of the pay that men receive annually. That means if a man is making $100,000 annually, that on average depending on the state, a woman would make around $80,000 doing the exact same job with the exact same qualifications.

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Diana Mehta of the Canadian Press wrote an article for the Toronto Star titled ‘St. Lawrence River is ‘slowly dying’ U.S. environmental group warns’. In this article from April 13, 2016, Mehta explains that the Moses-Saunders Hydropower Dam is actually harming the river system by not allowing natural variability in water levels, which are vital to maintaining a rivers health, according to the environmental group. The environmental group has asked the U.S. and Canadian governments to work together to safeguard the river and by doing so, help the wildlife in the area as well.

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