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The debate on language has been on going in Quebec forever. For some reason, we can’t come to a conclusion that choice of language, shouldn’t be offensive in any way. But lately, the court/government hasn’t been very compassionate when asked if there could be more than one main language. In Quebec, the answer is always French. Not only have they removed all English from any title of stores or signs, etc. Now, they are telling us the way we should greet people. No more “Bonjour, Hi!” but simply “Bonjour”.

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The legalization of marijuana has been an important subject of discussion and argument in the past few years. Now that the plan for Canada is to fully legalize this drug all over the country, it seems that it might benefit more than one might think. Terry Reith, the author of this article, highlights all the advantages of turning an underground illegal industry into a legal one.

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                  After 49ers player Colin Kaepernick knelt down during the US national anthem in 2016 to protest racial injustices and police brutality, many other players and supporters have joined the wave of protest. To this day, many who are against this protest argue that it is not the place for sports players to include political issues into a game that is only there for their entertainment. Although no sanctions have been put on players who protest by kneeling during the national anthem, many people have expressed their disagreement towards the gesture.

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The kirpan, a ceremonial dagger carried by the Sikh at all times, has always been the subject of an ongoing dispute concerning the safety surrounding it. Recently, it has been made public that Kirpans would be allowed on planes, although with some restrictions; the ceremonial blade, when carried on planes, can only be at a length of six centimeters or less. In the article published by CBC, the support of Sikh organization towards the allowance of Kirpans on planes is highlighted.

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The issue that is being discussed here, is the massive amounts of guns in Canada. Of course, as mentioned in the article, this country has far less guns than in America, it was said that Canada has about ten million guns therefore, about thirty-one guns per a hundred people whereas, America has about 310 million guns which gives one gun per person. Although, when discussing about gun security, it is taken into consideration that Canada is a way much safer place when compared to the United States. Even though, it does not result into less gun homicides.

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During the Fall of 2017, the inauguration of Bill 62 has created a significant controversy that seems to divide people on the matter of religious neutrality. This bill, which puts a restraint on access to public services to people that wear a Hijab, Niqab or Burqa, only to name a few, has made people question whether this bill is about neutrality or against the Muslim religion.

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The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion project, which consists of expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton and Burnaby, has been a subject of huge controversy ever since the project was announced in 2012. An article by Shawn McCarthy and Carrie Tait explains that although the construction of this pipeline expansion has already started, protesters from Burnaby, BC, have kept the construction from happening in their city.

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Candice Malcolm, writer of news article “Our free speech is already under attack”, believes that freedom of speech is essential for a free society. She says it is not only about sharing oppositions to opinions you don’t agree with, rather, it’s purpose is to civilly debate with others on subjects including those we do not agree with. Debates are learning experiences, they expose people to different perspectives other than their own. Moreover, Canadians are united by the ability to take criticism from others and through the understanding of opposing views.

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  In the past month of October and even before that,  it was discussed that social media, especially Facebook, had a big impact on the democratic youth of our country. In his article for CBC News, Andrew Wherry lays out the reasons why Facebook can be a threat to a complete and accurate information source for political matters.  

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Eric Foner, professor of history at Columbia, describes the issue of Confederate statues in an article for The New York Times. He describes that multiple reactions have appeared regarding the removal of Confederate statues in the United States, including President Trump who has described that such removal tears apart ''the history and culture of our great country''. The debate of removing Confederate statues arises from a history that begins before the American Civil War.   

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