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This article by James Fredrick sheds light on the safety issue in Mexico City due to drug crimes. With the arrest and murder of eight narcos by the Mexican police in Mexico City this summer, Fredrick makes it clear that contrarily to what Mexico City's mayor used to say, this city is not free from drug cartels anymore. Consequently, residents fear for their safety. Indeed, according to the article, 85% of them feel their city is unsafe. The author also points out the economical impact of increasing violence in the city.

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In the article “Beijing's smog: A tale of two cities”, the authors Joshua Berlinger, Steve George and Serenitie Wang demonstrate the negative effects of smog on the heath of people in Beijing and the Chinese society. By doing so, they want to help people to better understand the catastrophic effects that the air-pollution has. If people can know more facts about this issue, then they can also potentially improve the situation. The authors start the article by describing the equipments that a high-income Chinese family uses to purify and filter the polluted-air in their home.

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The article "Why don't black and white Americans live together" by Rajini Vaidyanathan from BBC News explains the residential segregation in the United States. Since the Fair Housing Act in 1968, discrimination in housing is illegal. However, the author shows that racial segregation is still present in the US. According to the Brookings Institution, the biggest cities in US have segregation levels of between 50 to 70 percent. It seems a lot, but we can clearly distinguish this issue in cities such as Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, etc.

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Organ transplantation, a recent scientific breakthrough never ceasing to progress, has allowed millions of lives to be saved or improved. Indeed, a shocking revelation has been made in medicine as Italian surgeon, Sergio Canavero, attempts the impossible. Dr. Canavero is convinced, and currently persuading others, that he can successfully complete the first full-body human transplant.

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Every year, scientists add new fascinating species into the encyclopedia of life. As a Harry Potter's fan, one little creature discovered this year, Gryffinfor's Hat amazed me! All this new discoveries are made on the surface of our planet Earth, and despite the huge number of discoveries every year, we are far from finding everything. Now, imagine if we find another planet with different environment where life develops separately from Earth. This could change radically our taxonomy.

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