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In my article, a young woman called Priyanka Yoshikawa has been chosen to represent her country for this year Miss World beauty pageant. This woman is born in Tokyo, but she has mixed origin, half Japanese and half Indian. People of her country believed that she should not represent her country since she is not a pure race. Is this a valid reason to reject someone candidacy? This article makes me think about that one time we talk about the different choice of answers that the government provides us in the census. When they ask questions such as the following: what is your ethnicity?

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In this post I will be looking at the article written by Miami Dolphins safety Michael Thomas about why he has decided to take a knee during the national anthem.

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In 1977, Rita and Doug Swan, both Christian Scientists, did not believe in modern medicine, thinking that having “faith in God” was the only necessary “medical treatment”. According to them, being ill was an illusion, so instead of bringing Matthew, their sixteen months old baby who suffered from severe fevers, to the hospital, they paid a Christian Science practitioner to do some prayers for their baby. The practitioner told the parents that the fevers were caused by fear, and that the baby would recover with the prayers.

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Guillaume Hebert Nicole Fournier Sylvester Case Study Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences September 12, 2016 Harambe; did he need to die?

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