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In Canada, the province of Quebec is probably the most interesting province there is, why? Because there is two types of person in Quebec and they are the francophone and the Anglophone. The francophone, already being a minority in an Anglophone country, fear the lost of their values as a result of also becoming a minority in Quebec too. However, the francophone have a lot of similarities with the Anglophone when it comes to values and beliefs, making this fear... surd. Since, the years have passed and there is still no sign of possible conflict or major conflict.

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Political and social disagreements have always existed within a nation. Different opinions on religious, political and nationalist views create a division within communities of people who work and live together every single day. Tensions seen in India between the Hindu/Muslim groups can be related to the French/English ongoing debate in Quebec. Many political figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who both have had a big influence on the Indian people, both had different views on how India had to be governed and how the Indian people should live.

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The “majorities” in a society such as the French in Quebec or the Hindi’s in India; try to impose their culture to the “minorities”. For example if you look at Quebec the last couple of years, they are trying to decrease the English language and promote the French language; this is cause a lot of conflict in the society. Now if you look at India, the Hindi’s are trying to slow down the growth of the Muslim religion. The “majorities” of each society are trying to prevent the growth of the “minorities” to preserve the culture.

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