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A few weeks ago, the Quebec legislature created a motion that all store clerks must only address customers with "bonjour" instead of "bonjour/hi" which is heard most often in Montreal. The Parti Quebecois argues that far too many store clerks are speaking both French and English to their customers and also points out that "bonjour" is the most perceived word in the French language.

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During the Fall of 2017, the inauguration of Bill 62 has created a significant controversy that seems to divide people on the matter of religious neutrality. This bill, which puts a restraint on access to public services to people that wear a Hijab, Niqab or Burqa, only to name a few, has made people question whether this bill is about neutrality or against the Muslim religion.

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        Asylum seekers: Border to border    

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The case of Cyntoia Brown became viral this week. She is a woman who has been in jail for 10 years after murdering Johnny Mitchell Allan, a man who abused her and forced her into prostitution. In her article for CNN, AJ Willingham discusses the newly viral subject.

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The article “Capital Punishment” written by Paul Gendreau and Wayne Renke explores the road to the death penalty abolition in Canada. In 1749, Peter Cartcel, a sailor, was hanged two days after his conviction for killing a man. Later, Robert Bickerdike, a Member of Parliament proposed a private bill suggesting the abolishment of capital punishment; it was rejected. The last two executed in Canada were Robert Turpin and Arthur Lucas in 1962.

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A 17-year-old undocumented pregnant teen has been withheld from getting an abortion while in a Texas shelter for abandoned minors. The Trump Administration has been fighting against a court decision to allow the procedure. In court documents, she has been named Jane Doe and she was still able to proceed with pre-abortion counselling because of a Texas law, which took place on October 19.

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