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Religion, culture, nationality, tradition and language are what differ a person to another one and they are also the reason why people get united to form a group which we can refer it as a nation. Is it possible for two groups of different views to live together? In fact, it is possible. For instance, at first, India was composed of Hindus and Muslims. There were also English living with French in Canada. However, the fact that they have never trusted each other brought them to conflicts and the idea of independance.

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     I think that religion does not take priority in a society. The reason is, religion offers hope to people and gives an identity to the community, but the society can function without it. For example, basic needs such as electricity, water and food are usually not provided by the religion. I believe that people should not be forced to pick a religion because if they do not believe, they will not gain any benefit from it. Therefore, I think that religion should be joined voluntarily and not required by law.

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In my opinion, having different religions in our society brings cultural richness. Being exposed everyday to a diverse population allows one to become more tolerant towards people with different values and beliefs. Mixed religions in a society bring people to be open-minded. However, in order for society to function well, one must live his religion privately without trying to convert others. Of course, religions should not control our society because people are allowed to hold the beliefs they consider to be right.

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