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I believe that the consequences for those who seriously injure other players should be quite severe for the fact that these injuries can carry harsh effects. With more and more kids getting hurt playing sports this issue is getting more severe.

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Nutrition has an influence on mental health. It can affect your mood balance and your intellectual capacities. Consumption of fruits, vegetables and fresh foods is good for the prevention of mental health problems like depression and anxiety. Processed foods lead to depression which then leads to an increased consumption of processed foods. A small consumption of alcohol can help you feel happier, but at the inverse, an excessive consumption of alcohol can make you feel depressed in the long run. Omega-3 fatty acids, contained in fishes make us feel happier.

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The debate on whether or not guns should have much larger laws against them in the U.S.A is one that ha been around for a very long, long time and it isn't going anywhere. Recently public business's have been taking there own approach in taking action against guns by banning costumers from bringing guns into their stores.  

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Sudden Disruption of Glory   The recent news stories of a Paralympics athlete who shot his girlfriend a caught my attention and launched me into a research on the topic of domestic violence in South Africa. In fact, two interesting journal articles from BBC News and The Observer brought me comprehend the mass of violence against women in the African country. I then completed my research with an interesting academic journal entitled "The Domestic Violence Epidemic In South Africa: Legal And Practical Remedies”, by Charlotte Bendall.

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